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Jiji Cook


A Message From Me to You, IVF Warrior:
Welcome to IVF Peace of Mind! You’ve come so far on this journey, and I know you’re tired. Tired of the uncertainty of unanswered questions, tired of the poking and prodding, and most of all, tired of the feeling that you have no control over your body or the outcome.

It’s true that there are parts of this process that are completely beyond your control. Focusing on that only causes more stress and that is not helping your chances of a successful embryo Transfer Day. I created IVF Peace of Mind to help you find relief from all that stress and feel confident you ARE doing the things you CAN control, so you can relax and embrace this process and give yourself the best possible chance of seeing positive results.

I know how difficult this journey can be. I know how lonely it can feel and how much stress it can cause. I want you to know that I see you, I’m rooting for you, and I want you to have IVF success!

Discover the Steps to Take to Give You the Best Chances at IVF Success

In this Blog we explore the self care that we can do to prepare our bodies for a successful IVF transfer day.

Food & Digestion

What to eat and where to focus in order to make a fertile, thick, and receptive lining for implanting your embryo.

Body & Home Care

Steps to reducing toxic waste in your bloodstream simply by changing the products you use.


How to get the most benefit from the least amount of supplements, plus specific supplements you should avoid.

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