IVF Nutrition Expert Dr. Jiji Cook
Hi, I’m Dr. Jiji Cook — Acupuncture Physician and owner of Family Acupuncture in Jupiter, Florida. For the past fifteen years I have focused on treating couples who are trying to conceive. Helping IVF patients prepare for stims week and a successful embryo transfer day are my specialties.
I focus on results through acupuncture, nutrition, body care, and self care. Doctors and patients alike appreciate my straightforward, modern approach to natural medicine. My specialized acupuncture for IVF patients has given me the opportunity to help hundreds of women navigate the IVF process with more knowledge and peace of mind.
My patients come in for the acupuncture, but they stay because I listen. Healing begins with being heard! Women going through IVF want the small changes that make big impacts and, most of all, the emotional support. Studies show going through infertility is equivalent to
the emotional impact of going through any other major disease or illness. 

My Background

I obtained a Master’s Degree in Science of Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2005. During this time I was able to choose internship specialties at Children’s Hospital in San Diego treating oncology and chronic pain patients. As a Diplomate of The National Acupuncture Board & member of the American Acupuncture Council, I am committed to the art of acupuncture as a method of medicine, health stimulation, treatment, and stress relief.
I am here as a resource in order to help as many women as I can who are trying to conceive. My goal is to lessen the anxiety associated with IVF and help you feel more in control of the process through knowledge and useful tools. I wish you the ABSOLUTE best of luck in this process, and invite you to connect with me online or in-person!

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